Study Abroad in Japan 2010

Technology & Culture: Communication & Games


This blog serves as the portal to the blogs maintained by students enrolled in my 2010 Study Abroad program in Japan that focuses on ‘Technology and Culture: Communication and Games’.

I’ll let my students’ blogs speak of the technology-related knowledge gained and cultural awakening experienced during our 17 days in Japan.

Please visit each of the blogs linked to the right of this entry and you will read the stories, see the pictures, watch the videos, and leave your own comments on their posts!

You are also welcome to view their four video documentaries and an updated program website as of July 1 by visiting

Perhaps, one day, you too will have the chance to participate in the COOLEST Study Abroad program at MSU!

Keep smiling!

– Dr. C

MSU Study Abroad in Japan - Tech & Culture: Comm & Games


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